NEW YORK: Roberto Alomar divorce: Wife accuses him of having unprotected sex despite HIV positive status

Oh my heavens. ESPN is reporting the following, in part:

Roberto Alomar‘s wife has accused the former baseball star in divorce papers of having unprotected sex with her despite knowing that he is HIV-positive.

The New York Post reported Thursday that Maria Del Pilar Rivera Alomar filed paperwork in Florida alleging Alomar “knew prior to his first sexual contact with [her] that he was HIV-positive.”

The lawsuit is the second in two years to accuse Alomar of having unprotected sex while knowingly carrying the virus. A former girlfriend, Ilya Dall, filed a lawsuit in February 2009 accusing him of having unprotected sex with her during the course of four years.

This should be a felony. It really should. Read more at ESPN here: