Saved for the honeymoon? But are you saving for the divorce?

SHOULD YOU SAVE FOR YOUR DIVORCE? Statistics show that most people spend about $20,000 on the wedding including rings, ceremony, parties and honeymoon. Smart couples save up for their wedding often waiting years to celebrate the big day so that they can put the money together whether in money market accounts, regular bank accounts, stock market or even real estate. Still, the price of the average wedding and all its accompaniments/accoutrements is climbing.
Got me to thinking about the cost of divorce and whether savvy couples are now consciously “saving” for the big day. And if so, how soon into the marriage do they start to do this? I know there is a company that offers divorce insurance. But are financial advisers advicing people to sock money away for a divorce? Sure, it’s a wild concept. But it’s time may have come with the cost of attorneys fees, and other divorce professionals, and with so much at stake, and with the rate of divorce in this country and abroad.
What do you think? Good idea to save for the divorce just in case? Or perverted idea that should never even be uttered?