Crazy billionaire divorce/child support news: Kirk Kerkorian ordered to pay ex-wife over $10 million in back child support! OMG!


Now, we’ve been on this story about billionaire Kirk Kerkorian and his ex wife Lisa Bonder Kirkorian since 2008 before Divorce Saloon was even Divorce Saloon. It was one of the very first posts we did and we got one of our first comments from one of Lisa Bonder¬†Kerkorian’s lawyers and he basically took issue with what we had to say about his client. I think the post is here.

Come to find out from TMZ that California Superior Court Judge Marjorie Steinberg has ordered billionaire Kirk Kerkorian to pay wife Lisa (they were married for 28 DAYS!!!) $10,250,000 in back child support dating back to 2002. You read that right darling. Here’s the pdf. And get this: Kirk is reportedly not even the biological father of the infant daughter for whom he’s been ordered to pay support. The putative father is Steve Bing (Kirk and his former lawyer who was jailed for wiretapping apparently proved this from a tossed tissue or something that was left hanging around – presumably with spit or snot or something). Steve is Elizabeth Hurley’s son’s biological dad and he made Elizabeth prove the paternity, btw.
So. Anyhoo, Kirk’s been ordered to pay for the child because I guess he’s the equitable father of the child. He held himself out as the child’s father, and if I remember the facts correctly, I think Lisa’s lawyer who wrote us in 2008 said that Kirk knew from the beginning that he wasn’t the dad, but, I guess, he wanted to seem virile to his billionaire buddies so he claimed paternity and now he’s on the hook for monthly child support to the tune of $100,000 per month. OMG!!!
Lisa’s lawyer is Trope. Michael Trope. (As in Bond, James Bond). This guy is the 007 of celebrity divorces in California, it seems.
My big question is this: how does a woman get her grubby little paws on a sucker like this? Kirk Kerkorian’s got to be the biggest sucker in Beverly Hills to wind up supporting a child for 18 years who is not his child and whose biological father is a billionaire; plus, he’s on the hook for $10,250,000 in back support for said child; and the topper is, he was married for only 28 days to this woman. WTF is that about? Where does one find similar suckers to milk of their hard earned dough all in the name of child support? I mean, I am for holding men accountable for their spawn to the height of their ability. But this was not his spawn. This was somebody else’s spawn. And the somebody else is alive, kicking and rich. Why is Kirk on the hook for this? Oh, wait. He wanted it that way. Okay. Like I said, where does a woman get her grubby little paws on a man like this? Cause I need me one to pay my child support. Quite seriously.