The 10 most divorce prone cities in the U.S.: Does living near a casino increase your divorce odds?

The Pew Research Center did a study recently that showed that the states with the highest number of divorces are as follows, Nevada, Maine, Montana, Wyoming and Oklahoma. So I wondered what the most divorce-prone cities are? I called up the Pew Research Center but they didn’t have the data broken down by city. I thought I’d do my own scientific hypothesis based on the data that they do have. Here’s what I came up with as the most divorce-prone cities in America. Not surprisingly, Las Vegas tops the list…wonder if that has something to do with living near a casino? Do you think casinos are inherently bad for marriage? (Surprisingly, New York had one of the lowest rates of divorce in the country!) So here’s my unscientific list which goes from most divorce prone to least divorce prone:
1. Las Vegas, Nevada
2. Portland, Maine
3. Billings, Montana
4. Cheyenne, Wyoming
5. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
6. Killington, Vermont
7. Miami, Florida
8. Little Rock, Arkansas
9. Charleston, West Virginia
10. Jefferson City, Missouri
If you know that these are inaccurate, please write in and let us know. But I am basing my numbers on the Pew Research Center’s state stats and they got their stats from the Census Bureau. So I’m sure it’s not way off, if it’s even off at all. What does that mean for you? Avoid these cities if you want to hold on to your marriage, that’s what. Especially if you’re marriage is not that strong to begin with.
**UPDATE: Well, no one wrote in to answer us, but Daily Beast did a report about the 50 most divorce-prone cities in the US. Seem we were off in a few instances? dead wrong in our hypotheses? The top 10 are  as follows according to Daily Beast:
hotspots for marital discord.
1, Panama City, FL
Divorced population: 15.5%
Divorced population rank: 2
2009 Divorces: 4.3%
2009 Divorce rank: 14
2, Sierra Vista, AZ
Divorced population: 13.6%
Divorced population rank: 15
2009 Divorces: 5.5%
2009 Divorce rank: 5
3, Charleston, WV
Divorced population: 13.4%
Divorced population rank: 21
2009 Divorces: 5.6%
2009 Divorce rank: 3
4, Medford, OR
Divorced population: 15.1%
Divorced population rank: 3
2009 Divorces: 3.7%
2009 Divorce rank: 23
Getty Images 5, Reno, NV
Divorced population: 13.9%
Divorced population rank: 9
2009 Divorces: 3.8%
2009 Divorce rank: 20
6, Deltona, FL
Divorced population: 13.5%
Divorced population rank: 19
2009 Divorces: 4.2%
2009 Divorce rank: 15
7, Pueblo, CO
Divorced population: 13.4%
Divorced population rank: 25
2009 Divorces: 4.5%
2009 Divorce rank: 12
8, Palm Bay, FL
Divorced population: 13.3%
Divorced population rank: 28
2009 Divorces: 4.1%
2009 Divorce rank: 17
9, Jacksonville, FL
Divorced population: 13.0%
Divorced population rank: 37
2009 Divorces: 4.7%
2009 Divorce rank: 9
For the other 41 cities, go here:
Originally published on August 19, 2010
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