Which world city has the most and least divorced billionaires?

According to Forbes, these are the world cities with the highest concentration of billionaires:
New York – 55
London – 28
Moscow – 27
Hong Kong – 21
Los Angeles – 17
Dallas – 13
Istanbul – 12
San Francisco – 12
Illinois – 10
Mumbai – 10
Brazil – 10
Tokyo- 10
So which city has the most divorced billionaires? Forbes hasn’t come out with the list yet. But I am hedging my bets on London which is known as the Divorce Capital of the World. It has the second highest number of billionaires per capita (a distant second as compared to New York) but my sense is that folks (especially high net worth individuals) have a tougher time hanging on to their marriages in London. I wonder why? It’s especially puzzling since the arcane divorce laws about property division are only now (as in two days ago) relaxing a bit following the Radmacher v. Granatino prenup case that was recently decided in the London Supreme Court. Still, even though historically parties had so much to lose by getting divorced in London, they still do it at an alarmingly high rate (the overall divorce rate in UK rivals that in the United States).
Moscovites don’t seem to have a huge issue with divorce either. If it’s not working, they are out. So they may have the most divorces per capita per billionaire, I don’t know. But I am hedging my bets on London as having the most divorced billionaires per capita and conversely, I’m thinking Indians would have the lowest divorce rates per billionaire per capita.
‘Course this is all based on stereotypes and not on scientific analysis and data. It’s really just my opinion. So don’t quote me and don’t fire me. Ya hear that NPR?
But, so, what do you think? Which cities have the most and least divorced billionaires?