The Bed divorce: Is sleeping in separate bedrooms a precursor to divorce?

(This post is originally dated August 17, 2010 but was updated and re-posted on October 23 2010 to link to a August 23, 2010 WSJ video on sleeping in separate beds.)

Apparently, a lot more married couples are flouting convention and setting up his and hers bedrooms in their homes (just like the his and hers bathrooms). The reason for this is all sorts of things that include sleep apnea, snoring and irritable leg syndrome and the just plain desire to sleep alone. Granted, this usually starts to happen after parties have been married a few years. (Newly weds tend to want to have as much bed time together as they possibly can get.)

My big question is (and I’ve never married although I’ve always said if I did I would do exactly this: have my own bed and my own room because I don’t like to be crowded when I’m trying to sleep and I don’t like to be awoken for prurient activities in the middle of the night either; and forget asking me to get a king size bed because those things are just eye sores and I’d just as soon have a twin bed that’s all mine than have a king sized bed that’s an eye sore) but all that notwithstanding, my big question is, whether this new trend is leading to increased divorce filings? Is there something intrinsically sacred about sleeping in the same bed with one’s spouse, in other words? Such that once this is no longer happening, a marriage will disintegrate? Or could sleeping in separate beds actually save marriages?
I just wonder what you think about this. Can sleeping in one’s own bed lead to divorce? Check out this WSJ video about the separate bedroom.
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