How should female divorce lawyers dress in court?

Forget about what the client should wear to court, what should the lawyers wear to court? This post idea sprung into my head this morning after I read a piece in the ABAJournal that a secretary or paralegal, or something, was suing a law firm for forcing her to wear high heels to work. I thought, whaaat???? If the secretary has to wear heels, what do the lawyers have to wear???

What's next? Attorneys in stilettos?

Apparently, this was an old, established firm where employees and clients regularly sipped their coffee, not from styrofoam white cups, but flower-painted porcelain tea cups. 
Now, I can appreciate the grace of a quiet cup of tea or coffee in a pretty tea cup, and every now and then, I can even appreciate the virtue of a pair of stilettos. But should a woman be forced to wear heels to work? And what about in court?
I have heard older judges complain about the attire of lawyers today. One judge, for whom I once interned (he’s since died) has said that in his day, a female lawyer had to wear a skirt and she had to wear heels in court. He felt that lawyers today have lost respect for the courtroom and that they degrade the court room (men too – this one guy habitually showed up in jeans and a motorcycle leather jacket to the chagrin of the judge) by how they are dressed in front of the court and in front of their clients.
Now, I hate panty-hose. I really, really do. I can’t recall the last time I entrapped myself in one of those things. And to wear a skirt in court, I think you would have to wear panty-hose. So, as a general rule, I wear pants in court – if I absolutely have to go to court, that is, because I really hate that experience too.
The big question is, is this appropriate? Whether in divorce court or any other, should a female lawyer wear pants and flat heels to court? Or does she look more professional in a skirt and high heels? And if so, how short can the skirt be? And how high the heels? And does she have to wear panty-hose?