AUSTRALIA: Would making marriage a renewable contract stem the divorce rate?

AUSTRALIA: Per Family Lore Blog, I learned of this article in the Sydney Morning Herald which suggests that it may be a good idea to make marriage a renewable contract or, in other words, to let it naturally expire after a certain period of time. That is, marriage should have an expiration date. The tag line for the article read:
Divorce is common, traumatic and expensive. Alyssa McDonald proposes making marriage a renewable contract rather than a lifetime promise that’s too easily broken.
It was interesting because Australia apparently has a 33% divorce rate so it’sĀ  unclear why the author is so panicked as to come up with such an outlandish idea in the first place. What if she lived in Sweden or the U.S.? What would she be proposing at this point?
I don’t frankly see what would be accomplished by having an expiration date vs. simply allowing people to divorce if they so choose at any point during the marriage. We already have no fault divorce in many parts of the world, don’t we? Same thing. But it doesn’t change the custody issues or the property division issues, does it? I don’t think so. So what is the net gain by having an expiration date to the marriage other than to cheapen the institution of marriage a bit more than we already collectively have over the course of time?
I think the idea of a renewable marriage is a totally preposterous idea. What about you? Good idea? Bad idea? What’s your take on this?