RHODE ISLAND: Are divorce trials a dying breed in Rhode Island?

A Rhode Island Attorney argues that the divorce trial as we know it is a dying breed in Rhode Island. This seems to be because the divorce bar, including lawyers and judges, have tacitly decided to reduce the number of trials in the state and encourage clients to reach an out of court settlement of sorts. Read his post here: http://www.blogsdn.com/society/divorce/why-divorce-trials-are-nearly-extinct-in-rhode-island-by-a-divorce-lawyer.html
It begs the question whether it’s just Rhode Island, or whether there are many other states where we see this reduction in court trials trend going on? I’m trying to think if I”d say that’s true in either New York or Georgia….hmmm, I don’t know. I can only say that the vast majority of my cases settled and didn’t go to trial. But I can’t really make a blanket statement and say that there is a reduced number of divorce trials. What do you think? Are you a divorce lawyer? Is this true in your state that there is a decrease in the number of cases that go to trial? And why do you think that is?
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