Boozing Charlie Sheen arrested in New York's Plaza Hotel – ex-wife Denise in tow

Divorcee Denise Richards jumps to ex husband Charlie Sheen’s aid after he is arrested and tossed in jail for trashing a NYC hotel

I LOVE NEW YOOOOORK!!! (That piece by J.Z. and Alicia Keys just gets me) Oh, New York. I miss New York. I love you, New York!!!

Ok. I just read this story about Charlie Sheen and it just made me nostalgic for New York. There is nothing like New York in October. It is the most perfect time to be in the City and I’m not there this year, the first in thirty years. And I am just feeling a little nostalgic for the place. Forgive me….

So, what is this about bad boy Charlie Sheen trashing the Plaza? I always thought that his divorce from Denise Richards was a mistake. But maybe I’m wrong. Because now that he and Brooke are pretty much kaput, he and Denise were in New York staying at the same hotel and still, Charlie went nuts and managed to get himself arrested for trashing the posh Plaza Hotel looking, allegedly, for his cell phone and wallet. At the time, according to media reports, he was drunk and had an “escort” in his room – the escort was hiding naked in a closet, presumably becuase she was terrified for her life.

What is wrong with Charlie? It’s so disgraceful when people who have so much don’t seem to know how to appreciate and honor it. They throw it away, like it’s vomit or something. It’s like a big curse, rather than a blessing; it makes no sense to me at all. Then there are so many other virtuous people in the world who lack the very basic necessities and still, they manage to live with so much more dignity and honor than those with so much more. It’s bewildering.