A divorce tornado

A tornado warning has been issued for my county and the sirens are literally blaring as I type. On the TV, they advise to get t the basement or to an interior closet, away from windows (am sitting next to one right now) since this severe storm system has a pretty “broad hook.” What are they talking about? I am a New Yorker. We don’t have to worry about this nonsense in New York. But here, in Georgia, I guess it comes with the beautiful terrain….omg. Should I run to the interior closet? Or should I keep blogging? The winds haven’t actually picked up yet. But it’s black outside….
What divorce angle can I come up with before I shut this thing down? Nothing. I’m blank. Quick, Ms. L., what do you want to tell America before the tornado whips you to oblivion?…..well, I just want to say I love you all. Thank you for reading and pray I get out of this thing alive.
xoxo 🙂
UPDATE: Ok. It’s gone. OMG! I can’t live like this. Can you imagine if this is how somebody’s marriage is? Like a tornado warning all the time? No wonder the divorce rate is so high. This kind of stress can kill a good woman, I tell ya.