The sustainable marriage: How to choose a divorce-proof mate: A luxury guide for the discriminating palette

Ok. So I was trying to decipher this article in the WSJ:

How to Buy: A Luxury Guide

Whether you are poised to indulge, or your curiosity is simply piqued, we offer you an informative, discerning investment guide to life’s not-so-little luxuries. Because one day, you just might be in the market for a helicopter, a vintage car, a rare wine, a face-lift, estate jewelry or an investment handbag ?.?.?.

and then I gave up and started to giggle because it was so pretentious and full of unrelatable information that I said, “phock it” and clicked out of there. But then, it popped into my head that I ought to write a post about how to choose a divorce proof mate: a luxury guide for the discriminating…. Truth be told, I don’t have a clue. But I am going to BS my way through it and maybe some where in my manure, post you’ll actually find something helpful to your situation…
So how does one chose a divorce-proof mate? By marrying smart. Waiting. Not rushing into marriage just because of pressure imposed by yourself or anyone else. Go for compatibility above all else. Spend the time to get to know someone before getting married to them. Don’t marry for  money, marry in spite of it. Don’t marry for poverty, why do that to yourself? Marry for better and not for worse. Marry only if you truly believe that divorce is not an option, and so does the person you are marrying. This is true luxury. A good, lasting, happy marriage is the only true luxury there is, and the only one worth having and waiting for and investing in. Who needs fancy unpronounceable wines and helicopters and stupidly priced handbags if you have a vintage, luxury, happy, divorce-proof marriage?
How’s that?