4 Year old Juliet Breitman sued for negligence in New York: is the Judge divorced from his mind?

NYT is reporting that New York judge  Justice Paul Wooten of the State Supreme Court in Manhattan has issued a ruling that a 4 year old child can be sued for negligent operation of her bicycle (which had training wheels) after the child raced the bike across the street and accidentally hit an 87 year old “pensioner” who subsequently died following hip injury and a number of operations.
Question: Is the judge divorced from reality? Or was this ruling sensible? Or what? Granted, it is very tragic and sad that the old lady died following this mishap. Granted, the children probably should not have been racing across like that. But I’ve got 4 year old nieces and nephews – a rambunctious crew, to be sure – but this idea that they could be sued for negligent operation of a training bicycle?
Is it me or is the judge divorced from his sanity? And I say that with all due respect. But what is wrong with this picture? What is wrong with this judge? Even assuming they win the law suit (the old lady’s estate) can they collect from the 4 year old? The four year old has no insurance, no job. They are just in kindergarten….?
Wow. This is crazy. This is a crazy case. I’m confused.