RUSSIA: Putin divorce rumours swirl: He showed up at a Kiev press conference with black eye!

MOSCOW: Did Mrs. Putin smack her hubby Vladimir Putin in the face? International media reports are that the Russian official was under “heavy orange makeup” in a botched attempt to conceal a huge welt and a black eye during a press conference. Nobody knows if he got it from an “unfortunate” judo incident, a run in with a wild boar, or simply was slapped by his wife Ludymila (wrong spelling, for sure) who, according to reports, is experience grave marriage troubles with the Russian tough guy.
I like Vladimir Putin. He seems very tough, very manly. I hope his marriage is still in tact, though. I hope his wife wasn’t pushed to hit him in the face. The only thing that would make her do that is the presence of another woman in that marriage. Hopefully, Vlad’s not cheating on his wife.