DENNIS KOZLOWSKI DIVORCE: If your husband was convicted to 8 to 25 years in prison would you divorce him? Karen Kozlowski did

Tyco’s Dennis Kozlowski’s divorce is very illuminating as far as the shenanigans of ex wife Karen

Since I have absolutely no shame, I am going to admit that until tonight when I was watching American Greed (yes, that means I did not have a date tonight for all you single billionaires out there) I did not know the story of Dennis Kozlowski. Come to think of it, I do remember, circa 2005, that there was this juror in a case who was accused of giving the defense in a case signs with her fingers that she would not vote to convict their client. I remember that. But I did not remember Dennis Kozlowski and that he was accused of taking over $100 million in unauthorized bonuses from his publicly traded company, Tyco. (He was CEO). I mean Tyco, Schmyco, you know? What did I know at the time? And this all happened in 2005 when I was supposed to be a real grown up who was aware of what was going on outside of her very insulated world. But you know what? I didn’t have a clue. I just didn’t have a clue. Sometimes, just between you and me, I can be a very, very clueless girl woman. You have no idea.
So tonight I watched American Greed and it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that I felt sorry for Mr. Kozlowski. Now what the phock is wrong with me, eh? Why do I always feel sorry for these people? I always feel sorry for people who screw up their lives. I don’t know why. I just do. I looked at his face as he spoke and I totally believed him when he said that he didn’t believe he did anything wrong. “Course, ignorance of law is no excuse, etc, etc, but he doesn’t strike me as an arrogant prick. Heck, for that matter, Bernie Madoff didn’t strike me that way either… maybe I’m allowing myself to be emotionally suckered. Which is not exactly unusual…..
But the wife. Karen. Karen Kozlowski. She divorced him one year later. And re-married to some guy named Roy Kirby, Jr. And that gives me pause. It really, really does. It’s not like I’m sentimental or anything? And I don’t want to judge? But, like, I just think to myself, if I were married and my husband, god forbid found himself in the soup Dennis Kozlowski found himself, would I divorce him one year later?
I mean, Dennis threw this woman a $2,000,000 party for her 40th birthday IN SARDINIA just a few years prior. On the youtube tapes, she was lapping it up. She was calling herself “Mrs. K.” She seemed in love. But how much could she have loved him if she divorced him just one year into his sentence? Was this all about the money and the high life? I am not asking her to be a martyr and to cease living her life. But jeeze. Even Ruth Madoff hasn’t divorced Bernie yet and I”m sure she can find herself a rich gentleman of leisure on the Upper East Side, or maybe even the South of France.
There is such a thing as loyalty, you know? When you love someone, you are loyal to some extent. It goes deeper than money. It has depth, dimension. You don’t just give up on them after a year. Did Karen even visit Dennis in prison even once? My god. How cold! How Callous! And I don’t want to judge. I am trying not to. But this seems cold and callous. It really does.
I googled “Karen Kozlowski” and the New York Post had a story about her in August 2010 whereby she was allegedly trying to empty out their Nantucket house of all the antiques….
Wow, right?
Was the divorce a way to get her equitable distribution? It must have been more than that because she turned right around and married another millionaire. She’s not a gold-digger necessarily, but she definitely likes them rich. And out of prison, I would say. Nothing wrong with that. But jeeze, couldn’t she have pretended to be there for him a bit longer?
Dennis could be paroled in 2012, btw. I am sure the Tyco shareholders want him to stay till he’s 83 (he’s 61 now) but he may be out in a couple of years. I kinda hope he gets out. As far as the white collar crimes I’ve seen lately, he didn’t wipe out the company or the shareholders. Tyco is still very much a player and the employees are doing fine; and Dennis claims that the fault was with the inexperienced people running the compensation department, and maybe it’s true….ok, whatever. Call me naive. I’m just saying….he didn’t seem guilty to me and if he was, I don’t know if 25 years fits the crime. I mean, originally, the New York attorney general, Mr. Morgenthal, had him in for evading a million dollars in sales taxes on an art purchase – which it seems Kozlowski did evade the taxes.  But then all these other charges got thrown in there…
Whatever. I just think Karen was a bit heartless and cold and avaricious and self-centred and money-grabbing. She probably teaches sunday school every sunday and is a great person in her community. But I’m thinking that dumping your jailed husband after 1 year after living the high life with him is a little bit harsh. I really, really do. Especially since she didn’t take a vow of poverty after. So it wasn’t her morals of what he did to the shareholders. On the contrary she was trying to get every dime she could in a divorce settlement and she was up in Nantucket with the antiques according to the Post.