What makes a great divorce lawyer?

I was reading this website by a divorce attorney in Tulsa, OK, Matt Ingham, and here are the fourteen things he says makes a great divorce lawyer. 

Do divorce lawyers HAVE to be bulldogs to win the case?

Matt actually calls himself a bulldog attorney. There are a couple of factors that makes a great lawyer (according to Matt) that scare me especially about being “soft spoken.”
But maybe he’s right. Maybe that is exactly why I hate going to court. It’s no place for “timid” and “soft spoken” people. I don’t understand, quite frankly, how so many divorce attorneys can be so aggressive all the time. What are they eating or drinking, I often wonder? And where can I get some of it? Because I”m definitely on the soft spoken and timid side, unless I get pissed off, of course, which usually happens because people try to take advantage because they interpret your softness and timidity for weakness, which, of course, is a crock of bull.
But yea, the Tulsa attorney posits that a good lawyer is neither soft spoken or timid. Which is interesting. Hey, Matt, really? You really think a soft spoken attorney is not a good one? Really? Tell me why.
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