Divorce Professionals: Univ. of Oklahoma seeks submissions on Multinational divorce/custody

I was reading the Family Law Professor's blog which you can find here:    
 http://lawprofessors.typepad.com/family_law/ and evidently,
the University of Oklahoma is accepting well written papers from divorce professionals and scholars
So I lifted the information and am reposting it for your information. Please check out
the Family Law Professor's blog for more info if you need it. But here's the relevant stuff:
 The University of Oklahoma Law Review is accepting
     scholarly papers related to issues in transnational
     divorce, such as international child custody and collection
     of international child support judgments. The University
     of Oklahoma Law Review will publish accepted papers in its
     summer 2011 family law symposium issue. Professionals and
     scholars are invited to submit a working paper. 
     Key Symposium presentations will be made by William Duncan,
     Deputy Secretary General, Hague Conference on Private
     International Law; Ann Estin, Aliber Family Chair in Law,
     University of Iowa; John Sampson, William Benjamin Wynne
     Professor, University of Texas; Linda Silberman, Martin
     Lipton Professor of Law, New York University; Linda Elrod,
     Richard S. Righter Distinguished Professor of Law, Washburn
     University; and Jeff Atkinson, Lecturer, DePaul University.
     While the speaking lineup is tentatively set, please let us
     know if you are interested in speaking as we would strongly
     consider creating an opening for those who author
     exceptional papers. 
     Symposium Date and Location: Friday, February 25, 2011 in
     Norman, Oklahoma at the University of Oklahoma College of
     Proposals are due by 5:00 pm CST January 10, 2011.
     Email submissions are preferred; the subject line should
     include "Family Law Symposium Submission."
     Address submission emails to:
     Email:         mwaters@ou.edu
     For questions regarding submissions, contact:
     CONTACT:       Michael Waters - Editorial Advisor
                    University of Oklahoma Law Review
     Email:         mwaters@ou.edu