Courteney Cox distinguishes between a divorce and a separation from David Arquette

Courteney Cox has come out in an interview and said that she is SEPARATED from her husband David Arquette, she is not DIVORCING him just yet.
The truth is, however, with very few exceptions, couples who file a SEPARATION from each other, usually DIVORCE each other not long after that – usually within 365 days.

Courteney Cox tells people "We're separated, not divorced."

But it has happened that couples who separate have come back together after they realize that distance made their hearts grow fonder. And it is true that a separation is decidedly not a divorce. Frankly, since Courteney and David did not execute a prenuptial agreement, it is in her best interest to remain indefinitely separated from the heartthrob. Usually, when you separate (I am assuming this is a real separation where they executed a separation agreement and not a fake separation where they are just living in separate residences without the benefit of a SEPARATION AGREEMENT) there is no “equitable distribution” or community property distribution. So Courteney’s millions are safe from David’s grubby little paws for now, and until they actually DIVORCE. Unlike Brad and Jennifer who were worth pretty close to the same when they divorced, (yes, Brad probably edged Jen but it wasn’t by that much), Courteney and David’s networth from earnings are more widely disparate. I am willing to bet she out-earned him by at least a 10:1 ratio. So she is going to have to pay him throw the nose in a divorce.
Thus, this SEPARATION may be about her still loving him and hoping they get back together. But it could also be about the MONEY. They have a long term marriage – 11 years and David will walk away with HALF of Courteney’s net worth in a divorce. She is smart to keep this as a SEPARATION and eschew a formal DIVORCE, strategically speaking. And unless she really meets someone else she wants to marry, she might as well keep it that way till one of them kicks the bucket – that way David never gets his grubby little paws on her money. (Don’t mean to be crude, but you know what I mean.)
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