Charlie Sheen files for divorce from Brooke Mueller: She agrees to gag order

TMZ broke out the PDF of Charlie and Brooke’s settlement agreement today. It’s pretty comprehensive, and pretty status quo. It gives a transparent view of their finances, and let’s put it this way: they are not being adversely affected by the recession. I’ve never seen so many bank accounts in my life! They share legal custody of their one year old twins Bob and Max but Brooke has physical custody and Charlie pays $55,000 per month in child support for them. Can you even fathom that kind of money? I said per month, not per year. It’s crazy. Brooke gets no spousal support and she waives the right to challenge that at any time in the future. She made Charlie agree to never pay her less in child support than he pays Denise for her two cuties Sam and Lola. Which is interesting. Because what’s to stop Charlie from paying Denise additional sums but just call it something other than child support? He is not precluded from paying Denise spousal support, I don’t think. Or he can just give her cash, period. Because trust me when I tell you this: I can read people like you would not believe: CHARLIE IS STILL IN LOVE WITH DENISE AND SHE WITH HIM. So he can just pay her sums of money but not call it child support. So if Brooke thinks that little clause in their stip means diddle squat? She’s crazy.
I liked the gag order in the stip. Denise Brooke agrees not to talk to the media about charlies “sexual affairs” and “alleged drug use.” Okay. But is that enforceable? People can put whatever they want in these agreements. It doesn’t mean it is enforceable. I think it would come down to a free speech issue, a First Amendment issue if she did squeal, or do a fictional story that is barely veiled that would tell what happened in that relationship. I think the gag order is silly. I don’t think its enforceable.
Another thing is they seemed to have a lot of businesses and trusts set up: LLC’s, trusts, Getty Image trusts, etc. With the Getty Images of their twins, they get 50/50 of the proceeds. Interesting. You would think all that money would have been put in trust for the boys, eh? Wrong. Brooke and Charlie pocket that individually. It has nothing to do with their children whatsoever. Wow.
But yea. That marriage is caput. Denise wins. She knew it all along. She knew the marriage would never has lasted. She is basking in the limelight, looking like she was ALWAYS his wife, looking like Brooke never even mattered, like that marriage never even happened. Denise makes Brooke look insignificant. And Brooke knows it. She knows her husband was always in love with his ex-wife. She knew that Denise still had a hold on him. That is why she put that clause in about the child support.
That sucks though. I’d never want to be in a situation like that. Would you?¬†Second best. You know? Ew.