CONNECTICUT: Divorce tips for trophy wives, soccer moms, housewives & house-husbands

Jeeze. That title of this post is a bit obnoxious, even for me, eh? Although, I can totally see that as a best-selling book. My friend Cathi over at Divorce in Connecticut is trying to figure out a new name for her blog. She’s been blogging for about two months and she wants to change the name of her blog. She is looking for input and feedback. I think she should incorporate the terms “soccer mom” or “trophy wife” or “house-husband” in the title. I think those terms could titillate and provoke and may even excite. I don’t know. So I suggested a few names. I don’t know if she will like any of them. Feel free to go by and give some suggestions too. I definitely am not crazy about her new proposed The Making of Divorce in Connecticut. And you know how blunt and frank I can be so I told her bluntly and frankly that it doesn’t “captivate.” As if “Divorce Saloon” is even remotely captivating, eh? I’m ridiculous. I know it. I am a ridiculous creature. And I just ate a ton of marshmallows so I am sugar-crazed to boot. Love me. Don’t hate me. I mean well. I really do.
But yea, if you live in Connecticut, Cathi has some great tips and insights for you. (Hint: She actually went through a pretty bad divorce in Connecticut. So she knows what she’s talking about.)