BRITAIN: Middle aged women 45-54 see spike in bankruptcies due to divorce and recession

BRITAIN: In Britain, middle-aged broads between the ages of 45 and 54 are seeing a surge in personal bankruptcies due to divorce and the persistent bad economic climate around the world. Divorce Online Blog reported that studies are showing this alarming trend. It seems as more women start their own companies (which invariable go bust at a greater rate than male-owned companies) these women begin to lose, for lack of a better word, the very bras off their backs as a result.


Add the fact that many in this age group who become single parents due to divorce (and therefore spend more time out of the work-force due to child rearing challenges, and employers who are loathe to hire female parents) you find that more women are left with no choice but to financially restructure using the bankruptcy laws.
This can’t just be happening in England, however. Mounting debt is tossing both men and women (but more women than men) into bankruptcy here in the U.S. as well.
Here’s another opportunity for the Obama administration to use non-stimulus measures to help those in trouble. AMEND THE BANKRUPTCY CODE to allow folks to unload debt that cannot be unloaded right now such as student loans which is a huge burden for a lot of folks. Give a tax credit to folks who are single parents and who were legitimately forced into bankruptcy between 2008-2010….
As for the Brits. I don’t know how they run their business over there. But a whole lot of women will be forced to toss their bras into the Thames. And I’m thinking, from where I’m sitting, that is going to be a very big scandal for the British people. Very big indeed.