Camille Grammer divorce: Was the Real Houswife of Beverly Hills just too hot for Kelsey to handle?

Camille Grammer and Kelsey Grammer divorce updates:
I’ve become a serious addict of the Real Housewives franchise. I try not to miss any of the shows. I particularly enjoy the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Last week, I looked on in total astonishment as one of the wives pretty much spent $60,000 on her four year old’s birthday party. I came away feeling total sympathy for her. It was very sad that someone feels they need to do this to impress a child who is only four. (And frankly, it didn’t seem like the kid was all that impressed to be perfectly blunt.)

Was Camille too hot for Kelsey to handle?

Then there is Camille Grammer, the 47 year old wife of Kelsey Grammer who infamously dumped Camille this summer and took up with a flight attendant (who supposedly got pregnant and lost the baby, yea right). And I look at Camille, objectively, and first of all, I think she looks older than 42 in the face. For such a rich woman you would think she could buy whatever it took to look younger and more rested. But on the other hand, her body is not that bad. It’s pretty impressive for a 42 year old, actually. And at one point, she did this dance that was, for lack of a better word, shockingly provocative. And I just thought, “wow, she could work a strip club she could be on So You Think You Can Dance?” 
And then later, she was in a jacuzzi with this, forgive me, but this rubbery older man, and he was complementing her and checking her out, and I was like, “wow. That’s crazy! Where is her husband? What will he think about this?”
And then I thought, “jeeze, maybe Kelsey can’t handle her anymore? Maybe she’s too hot for him to handle?” But then again, Kelsey did leave her for a twenty-nine year old. So, clearly, youth is not exactly a turn off for him.
Why would a man leave a woman who can move the way that Camille moves and pick up with a flight attendant? I don’t understand it. And according to Huff Post, Camille claims that Kelsey wasn’t even man enough to tell her it was over; it was a friend who tipped her off, and then she called him and then he texted her and said he “didn’t want to be married anymore.”
Wow. One thing is for sure, there will be a lot of real estate to distribute between those two. Camille kept going on and on about all the houses they own together. Either way you cut this, she is coming out of this marriage okay. They’ve been together for fourteen years and unless she signed a one-sided prenup, I think she’s coming out of this pretty rich.
Another thing about the timing of this divorce, why did Kelsey do this just when Camille was coming out of his shadow and having a job of her own? Did he envy her? You have to really think about how he just left her at the time he did and the way he did. It’s almost like he wanted to humiliate her. That happens sometimes when there is envy and competition between spouses. Camille probably had no idea how much her husband needed to be the one in the limelight and for her to be the one in his shadow….but it’s not like he didn’t have a job. He was in New York doing a Broadway play, Les Cages Aux Folles, or something.
Wow.  Poor Camille Grammer. Although, something tells me, at the rate at which she can shake her booty, she will have no trouble snagging another rich Hollywood type, even if she may look older than forty-two.
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