On alternating Thanksgiving with the kids, post divorce

While stuffing my cherub-cheeked face with apple fritters this morning, it occurred to me that Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Lovely. More stuff to fatten my abdomen with. Then, of course, I began to think of Thanksgiving in the context of divorce, because that’s what I do.

Divorce & Thanksgiving: Where will the kids eat?

I breathe, and I think about divorce. In that order. So, this thing with Thanksgiving and kids and custody and visitation and who gets what?
Well, in most states, the parenting schedule is done at the time of divorce and that means that up to the children’s 18-21st birthday, parents pretty much know where the children are going to be. Normally, there is an alternate holiday rule. So if the children are with mom in year one on Thanksgiving, they are with dad on year two and then with mom in year three and with dad in year four…..follow the sequence. That usually means that when mom gets Thanksgiving, dad gets Christmas. And, of course, when dad gets Christmas, mom gets Christmas Eve….
It gets really really specific and really, really technical.
But what a lot of highly evolved parents are doing, is they are sharing the holidays with their children EVERY year. So that means, for the sake of their kids, they bury the hatchet on all the major holidays like Christmas, New Years, Christmas Eve, and yes, Thanksgiving and they celebrate TOGETHER with their children.
Isn’t that amazing? Admittedly, it takes people who are really, really mature and evolved to do that. It’s not for everyone. But if you can stomach it, consider doing it for the kids instead of forcing them to split themselves into pieces so that you grown ups can feel more “comfortable” with your miserable little selves.
hahahahahha 🙂 That was obnoxious. But you catch my drift, right? Why put your kids through all this alternating nonsense when you can all just suck it up and eat the bird together instead?
While we are on the topic of Thanksgiving, what are you making this year? I think we will have a huge group this year for some reason, and I am secretly planning to propose BARBECUE-ING the turkey, like, outside on the grill. Knowing my family and their lack of culinary adventurism, they are going to look at me like I have fourteen heads. But I think it will be amazing to barbecue the turkey (after maybe boiling it for an hour or so to soften it up.) And the stuffing? I’m thinking…..um….I don’t know yet. I’m still fleshing the whole thing out in my head. But I think I’m gonna barbecue the bird this year and may god help them all. 🙂
Oh, and hey, don’t forget to thank god for all your blessings this Thanksgiving, and everyday too. Okay?
Luv & Peace.
Image credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/clairity/3062713643/sizes/m/in/photostream/