Divorce Lawyers: Can divorce lawyers help clients spy on spouses without getting into trouble?

Can lawyers help clients spy on their spouses without getting into a whole heap of trouble? I say lawyers need to be careful. Especially when you are talking about tapping phones and stuff like that. Wiretapping is a federal offense that can land a

Should divorce lawyers help clients spy on their spouse?

lawyer and the client into federal prison. This idea that somehow lawyer/client confidentiality rules will absolve a lawyer from culpability? I am not buying that. As a lawyer, I’m sure there will be many mistakes for me to make over the years, but spying on anyone for a client? Never. Not going to happen. I just wouldn’t take the chance. And I don’t see why any lawyer would. I mean, sure, hire a private licensed detective to get the dirt. But make sure he or she is working within the confines of the law. Because I’m sure vicarious liability can attach to the lawyer if the lawyer is the one who hired the PI. And the client would go scot free. Love my clients. But won’t be spying on their spouses for them. And I won’t be hiring the PI either. I think lawyers should, as a general rule, keep out of the spying business and let the clients make their own decisions on this one, and offer no legal advice to them on this issue – except, DON’T DO IT. What do you think?
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