Is the "Divorce Industry" to blame?: Why ALL divorcing couples should represent themselves in court

IS THE DIVORCE INDUSTRY TO BLAME?: Notwithstanding what such a thing would do to the “livelihood” of divorce lawyers, divorce judges, court evaluators, private investigators, forensics accountants, guardian ad litems, mediators, child psychologists and their progeny, I have started to believe that all divorcing parties should represent themselves in a divorce – even if it means going to trial or before a tribunal – and that they should counsel themselves and treat their children if the children are being damaged by their divorce. And I’m not being sarcastic. I mean it. I think this is what needs to happen for everybody’s own good. 

Should divorcing couples handle their own divorce case?

That way, the responsibility for the failed marriage and what ever happens during the dissolution of the marital contract, will rest on the parties to this union and not on the “villainous” divorce industry who is the fall guy for the whole sordid situation. I think if the divorce industry as we know it disappears, married couples will be forced to take stock and either stay together and work on their problems, or go their separate ways but take full responsibility for that decision and whatever fallout comes from it. I think having others to blame is too desirable for warring couples who are engaged in acrimonious divorces.
Divorcing people are understandably going through a lot and I totally sympathize. I am not trying to trivialize it or be sarcastic about it. Divorce is no fun. And when people are going through a lot, and not having a good time, they always look for someone to blame, a scapegoat, if you may, and weirdly enough, I get it. I understand it. But I think it needs to stop: The deadbeat dad blames the judge or the lawyer for his wife for having a child support lien placed on his salary. The wife or husband who behaves unreasonably and refuses to settle the case (because they want to hold out for more money) turns around and blames his or her lawyer for prolonging the case so that the lawyer can make more money. The cheating spouse blames the private investigator for spying on his/her personal business. The custody evaluator gets lambasted for saying that the child would be better off in the custody of one parent vs. the other. The CPAs and accountants are invariably crooks who are working for the other side.
I don’t want to be the heavy, but I am sick of it. I am sick of adults pointing fingers at others who, with very few exceptions, are only providing a service that said adult came looking for (and that said adult promised to pay for). I think the time has come to re-evaluate the entire divorce industry.  Everybody in it should find other jobs and professions. And divorce should not be an adversarial court process. The divorcing couples planned their marriages and they should plan and orchestrate their own divorces – without any help from anyone since all they are going to do is blame everybody and their mother anyways, for their own failings.
I think when divorcing couples have to represent themselves and sort this out for themselves, they are more likely to settle their issues and a lot quicker too. And it will be cheaper because all the middle-men will be out. And if they are unreasonable about it? They will only have themselves to blame.
As for what the members of the “divorce industry” will do for an encore? I don’t know. I hear the President is building a lot of new roads and bridges. Dig a ditch; or something. That might not be a bad way to go.
…………was this a rant? Yea. probably. I just ranted. So sue me….cause right about now? I mean every word I just said.