Should a bed bugs infestation lead to a loss of custody of your kids?

I was just reading on one of these forums about this case where a mother who had bed bugs in her home ¬†lost custody of her child. Seems she was an otherwise fit parent but the mere fact that there was a bed bug infestation in her home was enough for the courts to remove the child and place the child in her father’s custody. Is that fair to the mother? Especially since everybody in some parts of the country –

Should a parent lose custody if they have bed bugs?

New York for example – seems to have such a huge problem with these pests? I mean, even the tony Waldorf or one of those fancy hotels was getting sued the other day due to somebody having a bedbug problem. The family courts in Brooklyn New York didn’t I read that they likewise had a problem with these bugs? I don’t know how big a problem bed bugs are in the rest of the country and world, but….it almost seems like if the Waldorf has it, how dirty can it be? You know?
I mean, is having bed bugs a sign of unfitness? I don’t know. How does one even get bed bugs in their home to begin with? I think the judge should have ordered the mother to get pest control and get an exterminator. I can’t believe that he took the kid for that reason. I mean, I can understand the best interest of the child concerns and a child should be in a home without bed bugs if possible. But the mere presence of bed bugs doesn’t seem to be enough reason to remove the child from his/her mother’s custody, IMHO. Image credit: