Sugar Addiction & Divorce

CAN A SUGAR ADDICTION LEAD TO DIVORCE? Anybody who’s known me for a while probably knows that I’m  a major sugarholic. It’s at a point where it’s a problem, not funny at all. I’ve actually checked my blood glucose after a sugar binge to find that my levels of glucose are in the range of a diabetic person, which, thank god, so far, I am not. But if I don’t stop….I’ve recently gotten into baking because I had a fleeting fantasy about opening up a cafe and so I baked and ate my own stuff, and it’s just 24/7 sugar like you would not believe.

Can a sugar addiction lead to divorce?

This past Halloween, well, a couple of days after? members of my family staged an intervention by physically coming in and removing bags of candy from my immediate access – namely, threw it all in the trash – just to try to save me, and my teeth, from myself.
I bring this up because I went over to Gwyneth Paltrow’s blog, Goop and discovered that she had done a piece on sugar addiction (I did not get that newsletter Missy!) and she offers all these tips for coping with it and because I always look for (a) an excuse to talk about Ms. Paltrow (did you see the Youtube of her on the CMA’s singing “Country Strong?”) and (b) to divorcercize just about everything and everything I see, read, hear, touch and taste, I thought I’d do a piece on whether sugar addiction can destroy a marriage and lead to divorce.
I think maybe it could. I know I can get very hyper when I have a lot of sugar and I’m off the wall, like a kid and acting completely inappropriately. I become more blunt and frank and dangerous in the things I say. And I definitely curse more than regular. The only good thing is it kinda makes me happy so I’m more playful than mean (I am very mean when, say, my glucose is low; don’t cross me at a time like this) so I think my personal addiction might be cute to a potential spouse. But I can see how for some people, it can be annoying and lead to fights because a person can really get too energetic and hyper and immature. Plus, it makes you fat. Right now, I am not in my beloved New York and where I am, nobody walks anywhere. They drive to even the neighborhood bodaga. So this could be hazardous to a relationship if you are allowing sugar to make you fat. I am so fat these days, my cheeks, as I’ve said, resemble a cherub. I am a woman who routinely used to walk from Brooklyn to Central Park and I can’t tell the last time I walked in nearly a year. And why? There are no sidewalks in Georgia. Nowhere to walk to unless you want to be run over by big tractor trailers or eaten by wild foxes roaming in the woods. Plus, something about the place just makes you lazy and you don’t want to walk. You don’t want to exercise. And so the sugar addiction really catches up with you.
Am I venting? Yes. A little. I digressed. So sue me…..sugar. 🙂
Okay. So where was I?…oh. Can it destroy a marriage and lead to divorce? This addiction to sugar? Yes. It can give you cavities which I don’t have to explain, are not all that sexy. I think the reasons sugar addiction might lead to divorce is more physical than anything. It destroys your appearance very quickly if you are not doing anything to combat the problem.
I think any kind of addiction can be an issue. I mean sugar is not exactly crystal meth or cocaine or whatever else folks take these days. So its not like you are going to go to rehab for that. But there are definitely underlying issues that are making you over-consume this thing. And there could be elements of sabotage too. I mean if in your marriage your spouse knows you are struggling to overcome this issue and they routinely brings bags of candy into the house, what is that? What is that supposed to do? How does that help you? And why would a loving spouse who cares about you and your appearance, and health, sabotage you in this way by tempting you with all this sugar? So it may make you resentful of him or her, and then you start fighting about other things (never the sugar) but you feel “don’t you care about me? Don’t you love me? Because if you did you wouldn’t bring this stuff into the house knowing I have no self-control!” That invariably leads to other issues and fights and that could indirectly lead to divorce….
It’s a tenuous connection but I think so. I think a sugar addiction can lead to divorce.
Now that I’ve answered that question, I really have to assess how to fix my own situation. I mean, I absolutely have to get myself off sugar. It’s gonna kill me.
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