Impending divorce? Some House Democrats want to break up with Speaker Pelosi

Okay so Nancy Pelosi will not longer be the Speaker of the House following the rout from which we are all recovering, last week.  But trooper that she is, she has vowed to run for minority speaker and she has said she’s spoken to her Democratic colleagues and that they are in favor. But more and more, I hear sounds of discontent in the ranks and it seems that some Democrats pretty much think Nancy Pelosi is radio-active – especially with regard to the 2012 elections and they want her to basically go away. They are vowing to unilaterally divorce her. Should she consent to this divorce? Or should she contest it? She was a darn good leader and she certainly got a lot done during her tenure. But she has no honor among even some Democrats at the moment and it remains to be seen how she handles it: whether she accepts a unilateral divorce and walks away; or she contests and fights for her right to continue to be a member of a family that has made it clear that at least some of its members want nothing to do with her going forward.
And what does Harry Reid’s win actually signify, one has to wonder?