ITALY: Court grants annulment because wife "thought" about having an affair

Thanks to John Bolch of Family Lore my attention was drawn to an Italian case whereby a marriage was annulled because the husband complained that his wife was always “contemplating” adultery and discussed having an “open marriage.” Now, you probably know how I feel about this open marriage nonsense. But to annul a marriage merely because one party thought about having an open marriage? Or thought about cheating without actually cheating? I don’t know. That seems extreme. I mean, there is such a thing as an “emotional affair” and I may have done a post on that issue some time back and I think it can be damaging to a marriage and to a relationship, yes. But to actually grant an annulment (not even a divorce an ANNULMENT) because of someone’s thoughts? Are they serious?? And the Italian appeals courts went further. 
The Telegraph:

The tribunal agreed with him that the marriage should be annulled, but his wife took the case to a civil court in Bologna and from there to Italy’s highest appeals court in Rome.
In its ruling, the judges from the Cassazione Court in Rome wrote: “We fully support the lower court’s findings, despite there being no evidence of the woman having relationships with other men.”
Under the judgment, the wife will not be entitled to claim alimony from her former husband.

Look, I think adultery is wrong and I think the notion of an open marriages is bullshit  oops. I forgot. I have declared a self-moratorium on cursing for the ENTIRE DAY. So let me try that again: I think the notion of an open marriages is just nonsense and such a thing would be wholly inappropriate and “beyond the pale” I mean, if you are so unsatisfied that you need to “open” your marriage, get a divorce, dammit.darnit.  But to deny this woman alimony because she thought about other men but never actually did it? That’s more than just slightly ridiculous IMHO. That’s just off the charts ludicrous as far as I’m concerned. Are you kidding me? And I say that with all due respect to the courts. But come on. At least give her alimony if you’re going to end a marriage BY ANNULMENT simply because someone had some bad thoughts.
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