UK: Solicitor Diane Benussi gives divorce advice to older gents

Here’s solicitor Diane Benussi of Birmingham, West Midlands, UK on older divorced men and 40 year old women:

However, men – especially older, successful men – are a magnet for women edging 40 who haven’t yet found Mr Right but are desperate for a child. A newly separated man, with a fertile track record, is a classic target for a wily, baby-hungry woman. So I always advise new male clients to resist embarking on a new romance or even a quick fling because of the risk of getting someone pregnant. If this happens, they may find themselves having to support the child financially until the age of 21, even if the relationship with the mother has been fleeting. Not only that, they may be taken to court to provide the mother with a house.

Ouch, Diane. Why pick on 40 year olds? You think teenagers and twenty year olds don’t as easily trap men with their ovaries? I put it to you, Mrs Benussi, that an older gent has a greater risk of being trapped for child support with a fertile, nubile and wily 25-35 year old than he does a 40 year old whose eggs have probably already dried up anyways. You are busy protecting the men from the 40 year old rabbits but you are leaving him wide open to the 25 year old mongooses. That makes a ton of sense, doesn’t it?
And besides, what is the alternative? You want him to bonk a rock instead? How much fun it that?
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