Celeb divorce auctions: Stars sell off their family jewels post-divorce

Daily Beast has a cool slide show of all these famous people who got rid of their jewelry (which they received as gifts from their spouses) after the divorce. Lots of famous faces (Elin Woods, Jennifer Lopez, Ellen Barkin, Anne Hathaway, et al), tons of mucho expensive baubles.  Elin Woods apparently recently gave all her gifts from Tiger Woods to Sothebys to be auctioned off. Says the Beast:

Tiger Woods’ ex-wife Elin Nordegren is making it known that she’s ready to move on from the disgraced golfer; the former Swedish model is selling all the jewelryhe gave her, The National Enquirer reports. She allegedly instructed Sotheby’s to auction off all of her charms, which are estimated to be worth $2.5 million—and that’s in addition to the $100 million Nordegren received in the divorce settlement. “It’s the ultimate act of revenge,” an insider told the tabloid. “It’s her way of saying, ‘Now do you get the message? It’s over!'”

See the full slide show here.