Newsweek and Daily Beast to wed: Can you picture what the divorce will look like?

Seems Newsweek and Daily Beast are marrying merging with each other but many, like those over at think this is  a lose lose proposition since they have both been losing traffic and are “operating in the red.”  Tina Brown, Editor of Daily Beast will become queen bee of the merged entity. But can this marriage make it? Or is “1+1=0” as the author of the article opines? Because if 1+1 does not equal beating Huffington Post in the ratings game (apparently Huff is beating the crap out of Daily Beast in terms of traffic at the moment) then this marriage will ultimately end in divorce. I hope not for their sakes.  I hope Tina has some marriage saving techniques and strategies she’s going to pull out. She better start with a really tall stiletto….and she needs a DIVORCE section. Hey, Tina, call me girl. Why not just merge with Divorce Saloon? I mean, we have absolutely no traffic so we can’t help you in that regard; but divorce information, advice, tips, law and gossip? We got that, loooooong before Huff Post Divorce. Can we do a three way marriage with Daily Beast, Newsweek and Divorce Saloon?  Hahahahahaha 🙂 Yea I know. I crack myself up too.
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