Elin & Tiger post-divorce: She sells her $2M diamonds, he moves into a $50M bachelor pad

How are Elin and Tiger Woods doing on the near anniversary of the start of their divorce proceedings (after he rammed into a fire hydrant and opened up his head)? Not too badly. Just this week, Daily Beast reported that Elin is auctioning off all her diamonds and other jewelry her ex husband gave her at Sothebys. The loot came to a little bit over two million dollars. That’s chump change compared to the bachelor pad her husband just picked up. It’s an amazing piece of real estate in Jupiter Island, Florida, and according to Yahoo Sports:

Behold Tiger Woods’ personal Xanadu, the recently-completed $50 million estate in Jupiter Island, Florida. In this aerial photograph, commissioned by Jeff Lichtenstein Realty, you can clearly see not only the $35 million original estate but much of the $15 million sunk into improvements. As FanHouse noted when Woods purchased the property in 2007, the original estate was 9,729 square feet on a 12-acre lot. The additions included a 6,400-square-foot gym/media room/bar, as well as an elevator, a reflecting pond, and a slim lap pool.

Wow. This is really indulgent, isn’t it? For one person? I can see a nice, cozy two bedroom cottage that is warm, inviting (a fireplace is a must) and has a nice, modern kitchen. I mean, no more than 2500 square feet, I’m thinking (and that is huge!). Otherwise, at night, I’m a mess. I think, holy crap, who’s hiding out in the basement? Who’s in the closets? Who’s under the bed? You know? I get terrified at night having to be in a huge place alone. Not to mention in winter and having to keep such a large place warm. The energy costs alone is mind-blowing on these things. In a way, I think it’s a waste of money. But it sounds good. It sounds impressive. And I’m sure he has no shortage of women to fill up every room….well, at least it’s on 12 acres. I get really perturbed by some of these enormous houses that are flanked on, like, 2 acres of land. I don’t understand that at all. Do you?