PROVIDENCE RI: Can't afford to pay your divorce attorney's fees? File Bankruptcy!

This is something that happens more than you realize. People literally go broke from divorce. The lose their house and the shirt off their back. That is another reason folks should do their own divorce. I know I seemed totally obnoxious the other day when I said that everybody in the divorce industry should leave divorcing couples to fend for themselves so that they take the blame for their own failed marriages. I was a bit fed up with everybody blaming divorce lawyers as if somehow we are the reason people divorce. We are not. And that gets lost in the translation. I think if folks had to do their own divorces, and all the accompanying issues entailed, they will either stay together and work on their commitment, or they will be more reasonable with resolving the issues. And if they are not? They have only themselves to blame. That said, another reason to do their own divorce, is to avoid losing everything and having to file bankruptcy. Read this:¬†But it’s not all bad. Filing bankruptcy sucks but the federal law allows people to get a fresh start if they have a financial tsunami leave them with nothing. Divorce can be a financial tsunami and if all else fails, at least you know that you can get out of the legal fees by filing for bankruptcy. Hey. It is what it is. And a person’s gotta do what a person’s gotta do.