Beyonce's parents call off divorce according to Billboard

Have Stephanie Seymour and Peter Brant started a trend? Are Tina and Matthew Knowles reconciling?

A pair of pop stars have watched their parents undergo recent relationship changes. Matthew and Tina Knowles, the mother and father of Beyonce, are no longer getting divorced after a Texas judge dismissed their case yesterday, although it is unclear whether or not the couple has reconciled. Meanwhile, Britney Spears‘ parents, Lynne and Jamie, are reportedly getting back together after divorcing eight years ago. ( TMZ, People)

If so, good for Tina and Matthew.  This should be a happy holiday for the Knowles family given these developments? Did daughter Beyonce have anything to do with the reconciliation? One has to wonder….

Are Beyonce’s parents reconciling?

 Oh, and Larry King and Courteney and David Arquette, too? They all reconciled it seems. Heck, it seems that celebrities are filing for divorce and then turning around and reconciling in droves. What is going on? This is awesome.
Beyonce’s parents Tina and Matthew Knowles have had their divorce case outright dismissed in Texas. Seems they are “crazy in love” after all? Wow.