1. Kathleen Turner – War of the Roses

    War of the Roses

This movie is premised on the idea that a combative and acrimonious divorce will end in death; and that it is far better to amicably settle all differences including money and custody issues rather than fight to the death. Stars Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner.
 2. Kramer v. Kramer
Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep star in this emotional drama about how divorce impacts children, and also who is the best “custodial parent” post-divorce, and emphasizes that parents should act in the “best interest of the children” in terms of determining who will have and keep custody.BIG DIVORCE ISSUE: CUSTODY
3. Stepmom
This flick stars Susan Sarandon, Ed Harris and Julia Roberts. It’s a story of how to make a post-divorce blended family work.BIG DIVORCE ISSUE: BLENDED FAMILIES
4. First Wives World
This is a story of how divorce can cause middle-aged “first wives” to feel rejected by their husbands who invariable hook up with younger women – making them feel old and forgotten. The moral of the story is for these women not to feel angry and bitter, but to go out there and live again. Living well is the best revenge. Stars Goldie Hawn, Bette Midler and Diane Keaton.BIG DIVORCE ISSUES: ADULTERY
5. Waiting to Exhale
This story of three Black women and their relationships with men is based on a novel by Terri McMillan. Starring Angela Basset and Whitney Houston, the film’s message is that even after divorce, even after “holding in their breaths” for a really long time, a woman will ultimately find her prince.BIG DIVORCE ISSUE: STARTING OVER
 6. Irreconcilable differences
This movie starring Ryan O’Neal, Drew Barrymore (as the 10 year old neglected child) and Shelley Long. The premise is that when parents become alienated from each other and are going through divorce, they often neglect the children. In this movie, Drew wanted to divorce her parents for this neglect. BIG DIVORCE ISSUE: PARENTAL ALIENATION
7. Mrs. Doubtfire
A jobless father (Robin Williams resorts to impersonating an elderly British maid so that he can spend more visitation time with his children than the court ordered (his wife played by Sally Field) argued that he was irresponsible and so he got minimal visitation) but the reconciled this misconception after he successfully parented the children through his alter ego, the British housekeeper Mrs. Doubtfire. BIG DIVORCE ISSUE: FATHER’S RIGHTS
 8. Jerry Maguire
This movie stars Tom Cruise and Rene Zellweger. Rene is a single divorced mom with a young son who meets and falls for Cruise’s character.  There is a divorced women’s group in the movie that makes middle aged women look pretty lame; nonetheless divorce therapy is a good thing… BIG DIVORCE ISSUE: DIVORCE THERAPY
9. Along came Polly
Jennifer Aniston, Ben Stiller, and Philip Seymour Hoffman star in this romantic comedy about adultery on honeymoons, divorce and taking the risk on “the one” even if one is afraid of being burned after being cheated on by the one one loves. BIG DIVORCE ISSUE: ADULTERY
10. Liar Liar
This film stars Jim Carrey as a divorced father and divorce lawyer who has a big problem telling the truth – even to his young son whom he adores. When he vows to tell the truth for an entire day, things start to really get interesting. In the end, Carrey’s character seems to reconcile with the child’s mother played by Maura Tierney, from whom he was previously divorced. BIG DIVORCE ISSUE: RECONCILATION