Michael Douglas' ex Diandra loses bid to get a piece of his pay check for "Wall Street"

NEW YORK: A New York Supreme Court judge has ruled that Diandra Douglas cannot bring a case against Michael Douglas in New York because their divorce settlement clearly mandates that California has exclusive jurisdiction. That means that if she is to muscle any more money from her ex husband per a clause in their settlement agreement that purports to give her a cut of any “sequel” he does to any work he originally did while married to her, she will have to get on

Cancer-striken Michael Douglas wins case against ex wife Diandra

a private jet and fly to Los Angeles to make her claim. You may recall that Diandra was fighting for 50% of Michael’s salary for the sequel to “Wall Street” – even though he is sick with cancer. Not that that is relevant. Nevertheless, the court was correct with the dismissal on venue grounds. If the settlement agreement clearly says that Los Angeles county has jurisdiction, then Diandra and her lawyers should have brought the case there. What a waste of money on her part. Why didn’t the lawyer simply advice her to get an attorney in California to bring the case?¬†Diandra’s attorneys ought to have realized that this was a clear cut situation and that New York did not have jurisdiction. That said, as to the merits of her claim, Michael’s lawyers apparently said it would be “foolish” of her to continue to pursue the case. It is not so clear, though, that her argument is completely without merit. If the settlement agreement says that she gets fifty percent of sequels, then clearly, he owes her fifty percent of his salary for the Wall Street sequel, Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps. The fact that he has cancer is sad, but bears no bearing on what they agreed to. Image credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/loritingey/2178368153/