Britney Spears' parents who divorced in 2002, are back together!

First Beyonce’s parents reconcile, now it seems Britney Spears’ parents Lynne and Jamie Spears are swapping spit once again.

Will Britney reconcile with her ex like her parents did?

The couple, who divorced in 2002 have been photographed in public cheering their daughter, and strolling on the beach. The official word is that they are once again an item after an 8 year time out. This is amazing! Chances are, it was Britney’s problems that brought them together again. Lynne was totally unable to handle the situation by herself and Jamie had to come to the rescue of not only Britney but Jamie too. It was very impressive the way he came in an took charge of the situation, stabilized his daughter and family, and got everything back on track again. That was bound to be a turn on for Lynne. She probably found herself asking “why didn’t I ever see this in you? You are amazing. You are good for me and you are good for our family. I want you back.”
Unfortunately, sometimes it takes a problem to bring a family close together again. So maybe Britney’s troubles were the best thing to happen to the Spears family. We wish them the best….Does that mean that Britney could ever reconcile with Kevin Federline?