Divorce rates at a 40 year low – so are marriage and birth rates according to CDC

The CDC – Center for Disease control has announced that divorce rates are at historic lows in America. In 2009, only about 3.5 marriages of every 1000 marriages ended in divorce. The rate is even lower for older, college educated, first time marriages than it is for other demographic groups, according to the CDC report. These numbers show a steady decline from previous years. The NYT weighed in on the findings here.
Why is the divorce rate dropping? Some attribute the drop in all three to the bad economy. When the economy is bad, people feel that they can’t afford to get married. Men for certain feel they can’t propose because they can’t afford the engagement ring. Even assuming they afford the ring, they certainly, in many instances, can’t afford the wedding ceremony. So they are putting it off altogether. As for the birthrate, the same analysis. Not only can’t people afford to get married, they can’t afford to have children either – due to the strained economy.
But the most ironic is part is how the bad economy is keeping people in marriages they would have normally disowned. People are staying together, in part, it seems because divorce is expensive. But there is a group of the population who seem to also be staying together because they waited longer to get married and made a more “informed” decision about whom they eventually married – therefore the were able to keep the commitment….
Whatever the reasons for this drop in the divorce rates, (not so much the marriage and birth rate) good for those people who decide to stick it out. Go here for the Center for Disease control charts and analysis on the issue.