GENEVA: Divorcing Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev's lawyer issues threatening cease and desist letter

Britain’s Mail Online is reporting that one of Russians numerous billionaires, Dmitry Rybolovlev, is very unhappy with his divorce case being discussed in the media and on blogs. To that end, his attorney in Geneva Anne Reiser has issued a letter to the international press, telling them, essentially, to cease and desist discussing Mr. Rybolovlev’s divorce in the media or face criminal and civil charges. Pursuant to Swiss law, Mr. Rybolovlev is entitled to great measures of privacy and may conceivably launch a legal battle with members of the press who continue to delve into his private matters.
Mr. Rybolovlev who is in his forties, is the 79th richest man in the world according to Forbes.He is famous here in America for purchasing a home in Florida from real estate mogul Donald Trump for the staggering sum of $100 million dollars. But shortly after that, his marriage to wife Elena cracked up. And she is seeking the staggering sum of $6 billion as a divorce settlement – easily the most any spouse has ever sought in the history of man in a divorce action. However, according to reports, her husband has transferred most of his assets to a trust of some sort in Cyprus, putting them outside the jurisdiction of the Swiss and America courts and certainly beyond the grasp of Elena’s beautiful, if not grubby, little paws. So that means that even if the Swiss courts adjudicate that Mr. Rybolovlev should pay his wife $6 billion dollars in a settlement, she (the wife) may be out of luck since the Swiss courts have no jurisdiction over the Cypriot court, and consequentially, she would be unable to enforce the judgment…although, whatever happened to this idea that EU would follow a uniform rule with International divorce cases. Would that not help Ms. Rybolovlev collect and enforce the judgment? The answer to that is unclear, but it sure does raise some very interesting questions.
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