MYSpace founder Chris DeWolfe in acrimonious divorce split from wife Lorraine

Multi-millionaire founder of Myspace Chris DeWolfe and his wife Lorraine are in the midst of a nasty divorce that involves restraining orders and child welfare services.

Myspace founder and wife in bitter divorce

According to Radaronline, Mrs. DeWolfe contacted Los Angeles police and obtained a restraining order for herself and her daughter against her husband. That means that Chris cannot contact them or go anywhere near them till the restraining order is lifted – otherwise he will be arrested. Radaronline declined to reveal what the charges against Chris were because, in their words, “they involved a minor.” The only good news for Chris is that this restraining order is temporary. It seems it was an emergency restraining order which will be litigated in the coming weeks. If Lorraine does not successfully prove the charges in her petition, the restraining order will be dropped and Chris will be able to at least see their daughter.
This is sad that the child is caught up in the adult problems. This reaction of obtaining a restraining order against a father during a divorce proceeding is not uncommon. Sometimes he is guilty. But there are a lot of times that he is not, it is just a weapon the wife employs to gain an edge. Hopefully, there is a genuine situation with the Dewolfes and Lorraine is not simply trying to black-ball her estranged husband by using his own child against him.
If he is a monster who would harm a four year old child – his own child – then definitely he should be kept away from the child. But if Lorraine is only using the child to get a leg up in the divorce, shame on her. It will be while before we know which scenario we are dealing with since there is a gag order in this case (there is about $500 million at stake in this divorce – the amount Chris received when he sold Myspace to Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp in 2005).
No word from Radaronline if there was a prenup in this marriage. Stay tuned.