TMZ retracts report that Tony Parker filed for divorce from Eva Longoria on Monday (With UPDATES!)

UPDATE-2: Eva is seeking spousal support from Tony. Eva also wants to drop the last name Parker from her name. She wants simply to be called Eva Jacqueline Longoria. Additionally, the couple had a post nup (that means they married with a prenup but after marriage, they amended it last year, creating a post nup)
 *UPDATE-1: Since our reporting earlier today, new information has been released about a possible divorce between Eva Longoria and her basketball star hubby Tony Parker. Read below
ORIGINAL ARTICLE: TMZ was forced to retract a report that Eva Longoria and Tony Parker are getting a divorce. The couple’s reps strongly denied the story and TMZ had to kill it, fast.

Are Eva Longoria and husband Tony Parker getting divorced?

Oops. Here’s Radaronline on the story:

On Tuesday afternoon, TMZ had posted that Parker filed for divorce in Texas. The website subsequently removed the story from their homepage as strong denials from Longoria’s camp made the rounds to various news organizations.
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In a later post, the website was forced to backtrack on its claim saying, “A rep for Eva Longoria tells TMZ our story that Tony Parker filed for divorce is not true… Eva’s rep tells us Tony did not file and does not even have a divorce lawyer.”
*Update: News reports heating up the web right now is that Eva Longoria has in fact filed for divorce from her husband Tony Parker. She brought her suit in Los Angeles county (he was alleged to have started in an action in Bexar County, Texas). The grounds she is alleged to be using are “irreconcilable differences.” The rumour is that Tony cheated on Eva with one of Eva’s best friends. He allegedly was sending text messages to said friend and when Eva found out, the trust was broken in the marriage and divorce seems like the only option, so she has filed a divorce action.
This, of course, if very sad but there could be a reconcilation, one never knows. Once Eva gets over the initial shock, she may decide to give her three year marriage another chance. It was only three years ago that Eva and Tony had a lavish, romantic wedding in Paris. Was that all for show? Or were they committed and in love? And could the distance in their relationship be a problem? Eva works in California and Tony works in Texas for the San Antonio Spurs. Maybe if they make some adjustments so that they are in the same city and share a home and sleep together in the same bed every night, they can save their marriage. Tony is quoted as saying “I miss not being able to kiss her every night.” Long distance marriages are tough. Not recommended at all. But we wish them the best, whichever way this goes, for sure.