Food: Warm Divorce Pre-trial Porridge

It’s almost winter. The chill is starting to bite a bit. And maybe you are in the midst of a contentious, scary, divorce situation. On top of that you probably have to go to court today. Of course you are down. Of course you are scared. Of course you are angry. Of course. But I just thought I would share with you a recipe for rice porridge that might cheer you up and warm your soul and help you forget, for a few moments, the troubles of your heart…and it will make you strong and sturdy too. Ready to do battle…

Rice porridge, a la Flickr

Rice Porridge with cocoa
1/2 cup black rice
can of milk (fresh milk is good too; or even heavy creme)
table spoon of cocoa powder
tea spoon cinnamon
Agave sweetener
pinch of salt
Bring rice and cocoa to boil in appropriate amount of water (double the amount you would use if you were cooking rice the regular way) over medium heat. Just before it comes to a boil, lower heat (grains should be soft but not mushy) add milk or heavy creme and sprinkle nutmeg and cinnamon and salt. Let it boil gently till the grains are almost mushy and there is a creamy texture to the “sauce.” (You should have a lot of sauce it shouldn’t be dry like rice) This meal takes about 30 minutes from start to finish.
Pour in a small bowl and add agave sweetener as desired.
This is guaranteed to make you feel so warm and embraced and loved and calm, all your divorce stress will melt away. Try it. You’ll see. 🙂
Pic from Flickr looks similar to what your finished dish will look like: