Is Tiger Woods a post-divorce suicide risk?

I’ve debated doing this post because I don’t want to be cavalier or irresponsible about something like this. But I’ve been wondering about Tiger Woods and how he’s really doing post-divorce.

Is Tiger depressed?

Yesterday out of the blue, he came out on Twitter thanking everyone for their love. Weird. Tiger never updates his Twitter account.
He also did an op-ed in Newsweek this week and it sounds like all is well on the surface. But when I look at it with a microscope, I start to wonder, is he really okay? Or is he depressed and is faking being okay? In recent memory, two people publicly came out on Twitter just before they, you now, committed suicide. One was that designer….Alexander McQueen, is it? The other was the bullied gay teen. Their tweets never seemed ominous. But shortly thereafter, they did something really crazy. They killed themselves.
Again, I am not making light of this. I’m just hoping that Tiger is okay and that the people around him are really in tune with how he’s doing.   Some phrases that caught my eye are:

1) Everything I thought I knew about myself changed abruptly
2) The pain is my soul is complex and unsettling – it is far more difficult to ease and to understand
3) There is an ongoing struggle to learn from my failings
4) Now I know that, no matter how tough or strong we are, we all need to rely on others.
5)  Some nights now, it’s just me and the kids, an experience that’s both trying and rewarding
6) I’ll always be thankful (to fans) I have a lasting gratitude to everyone who stood by me in small ways and large.
7) I can never repair the damage I’ve done to my family.
8) What endures in the record books are the achievements won in competition and
9) Woods, one of the winningest golfers of all time, is founder of the Tiger Woods Foundation, which has helped educate more than 10 million kids.

Hmmmm… know, I’m sure he’s fine. I’m sure I’m meddling and being my hypersensitive self. But some part of my brain is telling me that this guy is depressed and could possibly have some really dark moments, especially with his career in shambles, where he thinks about very dark solutions. But he wants to be remembered in a certain way, and he wants his fans to know he appreciates them and loves them…..I’m worried about this guy. I really hope that the people around him really know him and would intervene before he does something to hurt himself….No, quite seriously I think Tiger be could contemplating….suicide. I hope not. I hope I”m wrong. I hope I’m crazy. But I when I read between the lines, when I read the subtext, this is what I come up with.