On Tina Brown's ironclad, divorce-proof prenup with Newsweek

Seems while I was out getting a face lift, (hahahha – you don’t know how hilarious that is 🙂 ) Tina Brown, Editor  in Chief of Daily Beast and the boys over at Newsweek worked out their differences and disagreements over the prenup and decided to walk down the aisle after all.

Miss Tina Brown with Ariana Huffington

So as of today, the off-again, on-again love affair is back on. Diane Van Furstenberg is reportedly on tap to design the dress and Donald Trump (the best man) will donate his Florida club for the nuptials…and Ariana Huffington has agreed to be Maid of Honor.
It sure seems like they have found themselves a trophy bride in Miss Tina Brown, doesn’t it? Here’s what one of her suitors said about Miss Brown, according to the WSJ:

Newsweek had a dozen or so ads in the slim Nov. 15 issue. Who wouldn’t bet that just adding Brown’s name to the masthead perks up the dusty phones in the ad-sales office? And who could bet against the disarmingly honestHarman, who described thusly his first thought at seeing Newsweek’s books: “Good God.” In the same interview with Deal Journal colleague Russell Adams, Harman said the challenge of reviving Newsweek is, “Better than a good-looking woman.”

Nice compliment. But while they acknowledge Miss Brown as a trophy, it seems there is still some trepidation that it will take more than good looks to keep the big guys happy–down the road. What will it take? Ad revenues of course. That is exactly why they need to call me so I can tell them how Divorce Saloon can do that for them. I keep telling them we need to get polygamous with this thing.. Then the big bucks will start to roll in. No, seriously. (Image credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nostri-imago/3218819079/sizes/m/in/photostream/)
But okay. Whatever. Nobody ever listens to me. My big question is: what about that prenup? Is it divorce-proof? Is it ironclad?  The biggest issue and question I have is the money. I can’t seem to follow the money. SHOW ME THE MONEY! Who has the money and what are the conditions upon which it will be doled out in the event I do becomes I don’t? That is what I want to know.  According to WSJ Dealbook:

Does putting together two loss-plagued operations make one healthy organization? Isn’t it like trying to mash together GM and Chrysler? Oh, right. We tried that one already.
At the time Newsweek was sold, it was on pace for a $20 million loss this year, and the Daily Beast stands to post a $10 million loss for 2010, the Journal’s Adams reported. Basically NewsBeast will junk Newsweek.com, keeping one magazine and one website — just as the unprofitable Newsweek has now. How much money does that really save? And if they expect a major revenue boost from combining, where will it come from?

Seems none of them have any money! That is C.R.A.Z.Y. I’ve always been of the school of thought that it’s as easy (and way smarter) to marry a rich man than a poor man, myself. Call me a gold-digger, I don’t care. From the WSJ reports, it seems that both of these “spouses” are marrying down.” In the sense that none of them have any money.
This is a problem.
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DISCLAIMER: I did personally get a face lift but my blog did. But I could definitely use some botox.