Brent Barry's divorce filing from wife Erin widens Eva Longoria/Tony Parker scandal

Former San Antonio Spurs Brent Barry has filed for divorce from his wife¬†Erin. Rumor has it that it is Erin Barry who was exchanging sexy text messages with Tony Parker behind her husband and Eva’s back.

Brent Barry Divorce filing widens Longoria-Parker scandal

All four were good friends and have been photographed together at galas. This makes the betrayal all the more difficult to take. Brent and Erin has a young son together. No word on who will have custody. They seem bent on keeping things private and as amicable as possible. Brent has used the ground “irreconcilable differences” in his petition just like Eva Longoria did in hers.
Go here for a sexy video of Eva and Tony doing a commercial for London Fog. What else did Tony need?¬† Why did he need Brent’s wife when he had such a beautiful wife of his own? Image credit: