GOP hopeful John Ensign: wife Darlene did NOT divorce him after affair, now he wants to run in 2012?

Speaking of scandalicious foursomes.  Politico had a piece about John Ensign, senator from Nevada, who supposedly is pondering a run for the Senate in 2012.

John Ensign defies divorce, promises run in 2012

The disgraced senator took a time out for a couple of years is hanging on by a thin thread with voters after it was revealed that he had had an extra marital affair with one of his staffers, Cynthia Hampton.
In a very Longoria/Parkeresque scenario, John apparently conducted a clandestine affair with Cynthia who was not only his staff, she and her husband Doug were also a close family friends of the Ensign clan. John and Darlene Ensign and Doug and Cynthia Hampton were basically a foursome of pals and colleagues before John and Cynthia started to hook up. 
The Text Messages
Like the Parker/Longoria situation, text messages were the undoing of John and Cynthia’s little love trysts. It was when Doug borrowed John’s phone to call Cynthia that Doug discovered the affair (which by the way he knew about and had talked about with the two and had thought was over) was still going on. Seems Mr. Ensign still had Doug’s wife’s phone number in his cell phone listed under the code name: AUNT JUDY. Upon making this discovery, Doug understandably hit the roof.
The Associated Press:

WASHINGTON (AP)- A Nevada man whose wife had an affair with Sen. John Ensign said he discovered the relationship after intercepting a text message around Christmas in 2007.

The similarities end
The Ensign – Hampton foursome had a different outcome from the Longoria/Parkers and the Barrys, however. First of all, Mr. Hampton was accused of trying to extort hundreds of thousands from Mr. Ensign. He was “fired” by Mr. Ensign, as was his wife Cynthia (remember both were on Ensign’s payroll). Mr. Hampton later brought a $8M lawsuit against Mr. Ensign.
Nobody is suing anybody in the Parker – Barry situation. It seems very amicable and hush hush on both sides of the rectangle.
The biggest difference in the two rectangles is that each of the couples in the Ensign – Hampton rectangle are still married and are hanging in there for dear life to their marriage commitment. Darlene Ensign has even been quoted as saying, “I love my husband.”
Sure, Eva Longoria also says “I love my husband deeply” as well. But that love and commitment wasn’t strong enough to weather his betrayal with Erin Barry. Neither was Erin’s husband Brent able to forgive her for her role in the affair with his former friend, Tony Parker. Each couple in that particular rectangle has filed for divorce.
Goes to show you how different the political marriage is. One also has to admire the chutzpah of the Ensigns. John is even looking forward to running again in 2012. He is ultra conservative and he will probably win on a platform of defending marriage. You have to admire him for that. Whatever else he is guilty of, you can’t say he doesn’t keep his commitments.