LONDON: British Superlawyer Fiona Shackleton appointed to the House of Lords

According to the Associated Press,

Superlawyer Fiona Shackleton to join House of Lords

Celebrity divorce lawyer Fiona Shackleton is among those appointed to Britain’s House of Lords. Prime Minister David Cameron’s office said Friday Queen Elizabeth II will elevate Shackleton and 53 others to Parliament’s unelected upper chamber….[FIONA HAS HANDLED] high-profile divorce cases for Prince Charles, Prince Andrew and Paul McCartney. The list of new peers could revive a scandal about donations to political parties because it includes individuals who were questioned in 2007 by police looking into whether loans were made in return for peerages. MORE

It is difficult to understand why this is such a big deal since there is no equivalent situation in America to compare it to – except maybe the House of Representatives, however that is not a good comparision since members of the House of Peers are not elected but rather are appointed by the monarch, vis a vis, in America where members of the House of Representatives are elected.
But many in Britain seem to smell spoilt fish when they think of this new appointment of Fiona Shackleton. Others are of the opinion that the appointment is well deserved. What do you think?

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