AUSTRALIA: e-Divorces on the rise in Brisbane and Queensland

The Aussies, the Kiwis and even the South Africans are increasing their filings of e-Divorces according to reports. On recent report

Brisbane, Australia sees rise in eDivorces

states that Brisbane leads the nation [of Australia] with the highest number of e-Divorce filings. Essentially, the e-Divorce is used when both couples agree to every term of the split and want to eschew legal fees. It’s the ultimate DIY divorce case and it allows users to file their divorce online, and avoid ever setting foot in the courtroom. At the end of the proceedings, the courts would send each party a notice by text message that they are no longer married. Seems like a brilliant idea: it saves time, saves money and saves unnecessary trips to the court house. Maybe we need to start to do that here in the U.S.? What say you?