Men's Health Magazine on divorce & cheating: study finds that 77% of married cheaters "have no regrets"

LATEST DIVORCE NEWS: New York Post reports that a Men’s Health Magazine study finds that a whopping 77% of guys who cheat on their wives have no regrets if the cheating leads to divorce and 81% of these men surveyed also said they were happier with their new sex lives, post-matrimony. Nearly 50% blamed their wives for the cheating. They claim that it was because they felt their wives no longer found them attractive that made them stoop to cheating on her….Could that have been the situation with Tiger and Elin Woods? Could it be that his outrageous behavior can be traced back to the fact that maybe Elin thought he was “unattractive?” (Or that he felt that Elin wasn’t really, really attracted to him?)  What about Charlie and Brooke? Eva and Tony? Did these women leave their husbands feeling like he was ugly? And why do some couples reconcile after the cheating and COME TO REGRET THE CHEATING (Bill Clinton?), but others have a marriage implosion? The study reveals one theory:

The lack of regret suggests that the cheating wasn’t what really ended their relationships with their ex-wives, said Men’s Health editor David Zinczenko.
“Infidelity is more of a symptom of larger issues,” he revealed. “For that reason, when the marriage ends, there’s some relief on the part of the guy.
“When infidelity strikes a marriage, but the couple [nevertheless] stays together and works out their issues, that’s when remorse sets in:
” ‘Oh, I could have solved this problem in a different way.’ “

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